The path of a French-Texan artist

"I am fascinated by the flexibility of the human mind and by the play of forces underlying any great human venture or mountain.... in one word, by ADAPTABILITY."


Joelle Deroy is a French-Texan artist living and working in London. She comes from a strong multicultural background embracing Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

Overlays and bridges of experiences allow her to create an adaptable and forceful reality, using different mediums varying from painting to sculpting and ceramics to photography.

Each material, together or on its own, exemplifies some elements that derives from her artworks repeatedly such as: the new frontier between the real and the unreal, the merge of creativity and sensuality, the need to stretch reality and create an understanding of its force.

Her greatest gift is to be able to adapt herself to any environment and vice versa. It enables her to transmute and unify what she sees -the world- and its ever-changing concepts into a three-dimensional form, which she then illustrates on canvas, in clay or on industrial materials.

In her own words: “when showing something, you make it happen”.

Art Works

Unique pieces - combining Deroy's crafts as painter, ceramist and photographer

Private & public commissions - Deroy's artwork is collected by private collectors such as MARIA BAIBAKOVA, and by financial institutions such as LA REUNION AERIENNE ET SPATIALE


Driving Change With Art - Artistic vision at the service of individuals and corporates alike, internationally

"Those who believe they can push limits, are those who do. Think artist."


Deroy was trained as a painter in UC BERKELEY and in Paris, by two renown artists - in U.C. Berkeley (California, USA) by SYLVIA LARK  (1987), and in Paris (France) by YVETTE MANIGLIER (1991 to 1997)

Ceramic work in the tradition of VALLAURIS and the Madoura gallery - next to painting, she developped a ceramic body of works in Vallauris (South of France) with FRANCIS MILICI (Sassi-Milici studio, 2005 to 2007), following the tradition of great Masters (Picasso, Chagall...)

Photographer of simultaneous realities - Deroy's move from New York City to Paris & London (2008) was a turning point in her artistic career, as she then embraced photography as an additional mean of artistic expression

Trans-disciplinary training - graduated from the HEC business school in Jouy-en-Josas (1988)

In contact with the economical dimension of society - Parrallele experience of the inner workings of companies, allowed Deroy to initiate a discussion with organisations, of art as change driver

selected solo EVENTS

November 2018 - Candid Arts Trust (London, U.K.) - Open Studio (multimedia art show)

June 2018 - Home House Club (London, U.K.) - “Joëlle Deroy & The Art Think Factory” (exhibition, private talk).

June 2017 - La Maison de l'Alsace (Paris Champs Elysées, France) - “Art is in the Air” (one-woman show under the patronage of La Réunion Aérienne & Spatiale)

2013 - Bricklane Gallery (London Shoreditch, U.K.)

2012 - Advancy Group - "No Speed Limit" (international solo exhibition traveling Paris, Shanghai & Sao Paolo)

2009 - Tribeca In Motion - launching of an alternative exhibition place in Downtown Tribeca (New York) 

2007 - FIAF (New York City) -"Deroy | Milici: The Painter & the Ceramist - Encounter in the French Tradition of Vallauris" 

2006 - Ezaïr Galleries (in South Hampton and New York City respectively)

2006 - In the Rough - Douglas Elliman patronage - Media coverage by TV Channel 11 (Central Park West, New York City)

2005 - Consulat Français de New York - "Calligraphic Paintings" (New York City)

2004 - ARTEXPO (New York City) - Joelle Deroy, French/Texan Artist - Solo exhibitor at the 26th international annual show

selected group shows

Dec 2018 - E R E N Christmas Pop-Up Show - “Where Fashion meets Art”: Joelle Deroy’s wabi-sabi art and Japanese fashion designer EREN’s Momento Collection - (London, U.K.)

March 2018 - Victoria & Albert Museum - Private art auction to help fund studies and research at HEC - (London, U.K.)

Sept 2016 - Candid Art Trust - “Art Exchange | Unlock the Art World" - (East London, UK)

Feb 2016 - ArtHelix Gallery – “Asymmetrical Intersections” (New York City, Bushwick, NY)

2013 - PS21 Gallery - "No Material Limit" (Paris, France)

2010 - Ceres Gallery - "An Artist Perspective on Transcultural Business Environments" (New York City)

2009 - AAF (Affordable Art Fair) with Living With Art Gallery (New York City)

2008 - Cue Art Foundation - Conference & exhibition of "Splashes" - (New York City)

2007 - Tria Gallery - "Sacred Ways" - (Chelsea, New York City)

2005 - Masters' Mystery Art Show - The Ritz Carlton (Miami Beach, Florida)

2004 - Latin American Art Museum - "Women in the Arts" - (Miami, Florida) 

2004 - Galerie des Lys - New York City, U.S.A.

GALLERy representations

2006 - 2012 - Sassy-Milici Gallery - Vallauris, France

2006 - 2012 - L'Atelier Gallery - Zermatt, Switzerland

1994- 2005 - Capricorne Art Gallery - Zermatt, Switzerland